8 Recommended Books By Aiwo´s Team To Level Up In 2020

There are no shortcuts in life – except reading. Books are the fastest and cheapest way to level up and broaden understanding of complex issues we face in our daily lives. Here are eight books that have made an impact on our team and that we are recommending to our friends. From artificial intelligence to […]

Why Customer Experience Is Everything Right Now?

We are in the middle of the biggest crises since the Second World War and this fact will change the behavior of your customers, for good. We´ll see tremendous movement to digital in the post-Covid world. According to McKinsey, ”this has begun to play out in China, where there has been a 55 percent increase in […]

When The Black Swan Landed – Real-Time Situation Picture In Abnormal Business Environment

This is not another Covid-19 article, this is about how to understand the business environment never seen before. We have more information available than ever before and yet we can hardly predict what´s going to happen tomorrow. When building the business case for decision making we collect all the available financial data to make accurate […]

Power of Real-Time Qualitative Analytics, Aate Autio Interviewed

The innovation of real-time qualitative analytics was born in the fertile grounds of diversity. Aiwo´s team is build of data scientists, AI & IT architects, experienced entrepreneurs and qualitative research specialists like our brilliant anthropologist Aate Autio. Everyone talks about the corona. But didn’t talk until a couple of weeks ago. Aate was interviewed by Finnish […]

Aiwo Recognized Widely in Finnish Media

At Aiwo, we are dedicated to creating top-tier real-time qualitative analytics for our clients. We are creating a brand new category of real-time qualitative analytics. Our unique innovation is recognized by Finnish mainstream media and here are some recent examples. Why we´re getting recognized Aiwo´s omnichannel Aizait service is guiding the world of analytics into […]