Nearmap appoints Aiwo to supercharge customer intelligence across Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada

          Leaders in their categories have united. Aiwo’s revolutionary qualitative analytics system Aizait provides unparalleled competitive advantages to its customers and is now helping Nearmap maintain its competitive advantage. Nearmap is a leading provider of aerial imagery and location data, a position that Aiwo can help sustain through enabling enhanced understanding […]

Aiwo Digital and Inscripta Announce Partnership

Finnish AI startups introducing a new world of real-time content analytics of customer calls Inscripta and Aiwo Digital are happy to announce they have entered into a technology partnership, combining Inscripta´s cutting edge speech-to-text technology with Aiwo Digital´s world-class omnichannel qualitative content analysis. The goal of this partnership is to help organizations to enter the […]

Power of Real-Time Qualitative Analytics, Aate Autio Interviewed

The innovation of real-time qualitative analytics was born in the fertile grounds of diversity. Aiwo´s team is build of data scientists, AI & IT architects, experienced entrepreneurs and qualitative research specialists like our brilliant anthropologist Aate Autio. Everyone talks about the corona. But didn’t talk until a couple of weeks ago. Aate was interviewed by Finnish […]

Aiwo Recognized Widely in Finnish Media

At Aiwo, we are dedicated to creating top-tier real-time qualitative analytics for our clients. We are creating a brand new category of real-time qualitative analytics. Our unique innovation is recognized by Finnish mainstream media and here are some recent examples. Why we´re getting recognized Aiwo´s omnichannel Aizait service is guiding the world of analytics into […]

Aiwo’s Commitment to Support Authorities During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Here at Aiwo, we are closely monitoring the coronavirus public health emergency that has affected tens of thousands of people across the globe. First in Asia, and later in numerous other countries when the outbreak reached Europe. The growing epidemic has broadened our view on what it means to be an AI technology provider in […]