5 Ways How AI Is Revolutionizing NPS Feedback Analysis

NPS open text feedback analysis has been mostly ignored, and the focus has been on the Net Promoter Score alone. NPS is a commonly used metric to evaluate how likely would your user recommend your product or service to someone else. NPS Open text analysis is an addition to the NP Score. NPS is a fast way to receive numeric evaluations from -100 to 100 based on your customers’ ratings. Even though NPS feedback […]

Why should organizations change from text analytics to Aiwo’s qualitative analytics?

For many organizations, text analytic tools are familiar way to analyze customer experience and employee satisfaction. When people hear about qualitative analytics, the first question usually is, how does qualitative analytics differs from traditional text analytics and NPS. At the first sight they may seem similar, but once you dive deeper, you will notice major […]

Customer experience is everyone’s business

We are often asked what makes qualitative analytics so unique. “We are already using analytic tools to analyse our customer experience, how is this different?” we might be told. In an increasingly competitive and challenging world the amount of information from different data sources is enormous, and so to say impractical to manually analyse. By […]