Customer experience is everyone’s business

We are often asked what makes qualitative analytics so unique. “We are already using analytic tools to analyse our customer experience, how is this different?” we might be told. In an increasingly competitive and challenging world the amount of information from different data sources is enormous, and so to say impractical to manually analyse. By […]

Nearmap appoints Aiwo to supercharge customer intelligence across Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada

          Leaders in their categories have united. Aiwo’s revolutionary qualitative analytics system Aizait provides unparalleled competitive advantages to its customers and is now helping Nearmap maintain its competitive advantage. Nearmap is a leading provider of aerial imagery and location data, a position that Aiwo can help sustain through enabling enhanced understanding […]

Aiwo Digital and Inscripta Announce Partnership

Finnish AI startups introducing a new world of real-time content analytics of customer calls Inscripta and Aiwo Digital are happy to announce they have entered into a technology partnership, combining Inscripta´s cutting edge speech-to-text technology with Aiwo Digital´s world-class omnichannel qualitative content analysis. The goal of this partnership is to help organizations to enter the […]

8 Recommended Books By Aiwo´s Team To Level Up In 2020

There are no shortcuts in life – except reading. Books are the fastest and cheapest way to level up and broaden understanding of complex issues we face in our daily lives. Here are eight books that have made an impact on our team and that we are recommending to our friends. From artificial intelligence to […]

Why Customer Experience Is Everything Right Now?

We are in the middle of the biggest crises since the Second World War and this fact will change the behavior of your customers, for good. We´ll see tremendous movement to digital in the post-Covid world. According to McKinsey, ”this has begun to play out in China, where there has been a 55 percent increase in […]