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New in Aiwo – Enhanced Navigation to Support Customised Views

June 7, 2023
Avatar photo Kaisa Kiviluoto

We’re happy to announce the launch of our latest UI enhancements, now available to all Aiwo users. These updates will take your data collection and navigation experience to a whole new level.

Thanks to this update, you now have the power to create and save customised views that perfectly align with your unique business needs and interests. Whether you’re tracking specific metrics or monitoring changes in i.e. certain phenomena, segment or channel, these custom views will enable you to access the data you need quickly and efficiently.

Our navigation has also undergone a significant transformation, ensuring seamless and quick access to the views you’ve created. The navigation bar, now conveniently located in the upper left corner of the UI, provides easy and instant access to your customised views.

Here’s a summary of what’s new in your data journey:

  1. Use table filters to compile data for a customised view that meets your specific business needs or interests.
  2. Save and name the views you’ve created for quick and easy access, ensuring you can effortlessly retrieve the insights that matter to you the most.
  3. Effortlessly navigate and access your customised views and enjoy the updated functionality of the navigation bar.

These enhancements in Aiwo empower you to have greater control over your data analysis. They enable users with different needs to access the right data and insights they need, when they need them.

How to Create Customised Views and Use the Supporting Navigation

As always, stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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