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New Milestones Achieved: Aiwo Ecosystem Expands As Planned

June 15, 2023

Throughout this year, our key objective has been to establish partnerships that enable us to accomplish two important goals: scaling our service and uncovering deeper insights from our data. We are happy to announce that we have successfully accomplished both these goals during H1/23!

As previously announced, Aiwo has recently become a Salesforce ISV partner, opening doors to a wider range of businesses and making our services accessible to an even broader audience.

Additionally, we have just recently concluded a collaborative customer project with an efficiency consultant specialising in lean methodologies. Our partner has further refined our contact reason analysis, outlining specific numeric improvement points for our shared client. As we move forward, the consultancy will transform these initiatives into actionable strategies, while Aiwo provides real-time monitoring to track the success of their implementation.

Building these promising partnerships has been an enlightening and rewarding experience for us!

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