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Aiwo Announcing a Leadership Change 

May 22, 2024

CEO Atso Vesterinen has decided to step aside from his position and leave Aiwo’s operational activities. During the past five years, under Atso’s leadership, Aiwo has grown into a significant player in analyzing customer service and customer experience for large companies. Aiwo has succeeded in developing a unique service that can transform companies’ previously unanalyzed interactions with customers into a tool for business and service development. Especially, making visible the failure demand that describes unnecessary costs and unwanted customer contacts has significantly helped our client companies to streamline operations, reduce costs and at the same time improve customer experience.    

Hannu Klemetti, one of Aiwo’s founders and previously in the role of Chief Technology Officer, will begin as the new CEO in May. Aiwo is a Finnish pioneer in producing AI-based services to solve global business challenges. The ongoing revolution in generative AI technologies will further accelerate Aiwo’s development. 

Aiwo’s competitive advantage lies in producing tangible business value for its customers. Future development work will further strengthen the connection between AI technologies and business, and paving the way to international markets. With rapid technological development, the needs of a growing international customer base increase, but at the same time, also the opportunities are substantial. At this intersection of business and technology Hannu is the right person to lead Aiwo toward the future. 

“I strongly believe that every modern company needs to live their customers’ everyday life, and it’s great to implement this at Aiwo together with our customers. However, I’m especially excited that we provide a service where every company can utilize the interaction they have with their customers and make the information available to the whole staff. It’s great to be carrying out this mission with Aiwo’s enthusiastic and highly professional team, for whom technology is a powerful tool, but not the purpose in itself.”, says Hannu Klemetti.