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Diamonds, chocolates, and innovations – Aiwo’s year 2022 in review

December 27, 2022

An award from the Finnish Security Committee, an AI-powered recipe for healthier chocolate, and an innovation to help companies improve efficiency and experience – what a year it has been for us! Now that 2023 is just around the corner, it’s time to have a final look and celebrate our highlights of 2022.

The Diamond Act -award

The year started with a Bang as we received the Security Committee’s Diamond Act 2021 award for the data analytics pilot we implemented for the Foreign ministry of Finland. We consider this reward as a token of confidence in the quality of our analytics and therefore we’re truly honoured by this recognition.

The analytics project focused on analysing the discussion on the COVID-19 pandemic and migration, held on various social media platforms. Aiwo analysed more than 9 million messages in total since the COVID-19 Pandemic broke out in early March 2020 until the end of 2021.

Overall, the project was praised for having supported the authorities in their work in rapidly developing situations and for helping the central government in decision-making and management. With the help of the data produced in the project, it was easier for the authorities to build foresight scenarios, to improve their situational awareness and thus to prevent dangerous situations and accidents.

We would like to thank the team of experts at the Foreign Ministry for the great cooperation during this project as well as the Security Committee for the prestigious recognition.

Aiwo was the 14th recipient of this award. In 2020, the reward was given to the National Cyber Security Centre.

Aiwo COO Jani Jokela on the right after receiving the Diamond Act -reward.

AI-powered recipe for healthier chocolate

By far the sweetest project of this past year was helping Finland’s biggest dairy and food company Valio create an AI-powered recipe for healthier milk chocolate.

Aiwo’s role was to conduct an AI-powered analysis of milk chocolate lovers’ thoughts, cravings, and tastes around the world to find out the most relevant topics and attributes people love about chocolate. In total Aiwo analysed 1.5 million Twitter posts around the globe. 

Together with the consumer survey results, the findings of Aiwo’s AI-driven analysis lead to the design of the final product crafted by local chocolate artists of Kultasuklaa company: “The Bar” unites everything the world loves about milk chocolate, but with 30% less sugar. This is thanks to Valio BettersweetTM milk powder solution.

Valio’s innovative solution with the related AI project was featured in many newspapers and publications in the food sector world wide. We would like to thank both Valio and TBWA Helsinki for this futuristic yet sweet project, which was a great example how AI can be harnessed in getting consumer insight from a large sample world wide.

Launching Customer Contact Intelligence

The absolute biggest highlight of the year was the launch of Aiwo Customer Contact Intelligence. This was preceded by months of customer needs mapping, development work and service design.

Combining natural language analysis, academic research in Failure Demand and heavy-weight business consulting expertise, our team of multidisciplinary experts developed a solution for real-time analysis of customer interactions to help companies improve efficiency and experience.

Customer contact intelligence serves companies who are balancing between the constantly growing number of customer contacts, efficiency goals and rising customer expectations. Many B2C companies are facing a situation where handling the growing number of contacts and maintaining the required service quality is a challenge with the current number of contact centre agents.

When aiming for cost savings in customer service, the solution is not to optimise single conversations or the work of the contact centre agents. The key is to improve the big picture. Companies need understanding of what are the operational inefficiencies that create pain points for customers and learn how to eliminate them. Customer initiated contacts are a great and often completely unused source for analysing and improving the internal efficiency of a company.

And this is where Customer Contact Intelligence comes to the rescue. Our analysis method and process extracts data from customer contacts that help identifying and locating operational-level problems causing unnecessary customer contacts. The data we collect and unify from all contact channels gives the opportunity to make faster and more focused improvements which will result in better service quality, improved efficiency, cost savings and better retention of existing customers – not to mention better employee experience.

According to the data we’ve analysed from different sectors, 40-80% of customer contacts can be categorised as unnecessary and they are rooted in operational inefficiencies. These contacts do not create, but rather destroy value and generate costs for companies. The volume of unnecessary contacts we have unocovered means there’s a lot of scope for making improvements. And we are more thrilled to be offering a unique solution to help make those improvements happen!

Thank you for 2022 – welcome 2023!

On behalf of the Aiwo team, I would like to thank all our customers and partners for our cooperation in the past year. We wish you a happy new year and are looking forward to continue working with you in 2023.