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Aiwo Digital has received the Security Committee’s 2021 Timanttiteko Award

April 28, 2022
Avatar photo Jani Jokela

The Timanttiteko 2021 (Diamond Act) Award was given to the State Department’s AI-assisted data analytics pilot, which Aiwo Digital has been implementing since 2020. The Security Committee states that the project conducted with Aiwo has exemplified the objectives of the social security strategy. 

The project administrated by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ was aimed at following and analysing the social debate of the Covid-19 pandemic and immigration on social media. Extensive data has been modeled and thematized with Aiwo’s AI-driven tool based on qualitative analytical methods. At the beginning of the corona pandemic alone, in March 2020, the tool analyzed more than nine million social media messages. 

“With the data we have produced, we have been able to help the authorities to create a real time situational picture and thus improve the anticipation of possible crisis situations”, says Atso Vesterinen, CEO of Aiwo Digital. 

Pasi Tuominen, Consul General of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, is also pleased with the award: “The data analytics pilot can also be duplicated for the analytical needs of other ministries and agencies. The service is also rapidly scaling up to a larger user base, which is an advantage in rapidly evolving crisis situations, ”says Tuominen in the press release of the State Security Networks Group that coordinates the granting of the award. 

Esa Pulkkinen, Chairman of the Security Committee and Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Defense, emphasizes the importance of the pilot at a time when Finns are actively communicating on social media. 

“This Foreign Ministry project provides authorities with an innovative and rapid tool to respond to societal debates. This is particularly important for activities that are vital to society, like leadership and crisis management. This project has supported the authorities’ activities in rapidly evolving situations and helped the state administration in decision-making and management, ” Pulkkinen says in the press release of the State Security Networks Group. 

Once a year, the Security Committee awards the Timanttiteko Award to a project that promotes the security of society in an exemplary manner. Nominations can be made by the Security of Supply Center and various ministries in their respective administrative areas. 

The distribution of the Award is coordinated by the State Security Networks Group, whose core mission is to secure critical communication and leadership in society in all circumstances. Timo Lehtimäki, Chief Executive Officer of the State Security Networks Group, considers the awarding of the data analytics pilot a significant gesture. 

“This time, the winner of the award is also the champion of digitalization among the security players. I hope that this project will not only remain a pilot, but that we will be able to draw on its lessons and utilize it in various challenges for security actors in the future as well”, Lehtimäki says in their press release. 

The prize is now being awarded for the 14th time. The Cyber ​​Security Center received the 2020 award.