When you measure engagement through quantitative metrics you get to understand where people are now, but you can’t see the root cause for that.  Aiwo System stroke us something that would provide us with both. Not just the outcomes or where people are emotionally at the moment, but also the reasons.

Ville Karkiainen

VP HR Kalmar Mobile Solutions, Cargotec

We are accommodating over 100 000 travelers every year, in all major Scandinavian cities. Our aim is to create unique customer experiences that drive our growth.

Aiwo CX enables our teams to take customer insights deeper than ever before across multiple channels and in real-time. On top of that, the team is great to work with – very responsive, proactive and sharply focused on helping my company to succeed.

Johannes Kangas

Managing Director, Forenom Group Oy

MTV services entertain millions of Finns. Customer experience is a significant competitive factor for us, and we collect large amounts of customer feedback.

In real-time Aiwo CX analyzes this mass into meaningful data, highlighting trends, recent changes, strengths, and weaknesses. Aiwo CX is a great tool that puts the true customer at the center of everything we do.

Jan Rosnell

Service Design Lead, MTV Oy

Kuopio University Hospital is in charge of the demanding specialised medical care of nearly a million patients. It is our priority to constantly improve the safety, and experience of our patients and well being of health care professionals. Before it used to be impossible for our people to analyze the content of all the feedback instantly, with Aiwo CX it´s possible to do in a secure and unbiased way.

Merja Miettinen

Professor, Ph.D.   Executive Vice President for Customership and Services Kuopio University Hospital

Are you struggling with these challenges?

  • You are losing customers or employees without knowing why
  • There is no real-time, 24/7, or even monthly view of your customer and/or employee experience
  • Your existing data (e.g. tens of thousands of calls/emails/chat) is not utilized.
  • Management doesn’t have a clear view of making data-backed decisions.

Remove Them With AI-based Qualitative Analytics

Aiwo analyzes all of your data into clear visualizations of the customer or employee experience.

We don’t do just NLP, big data analytics, traditional text analytics, but AI-based qualitative analysis from the open discussions, emails, calls, chats, tweets, you name it.

How you can benefit from Artificial Intelligence-based Qualitative Analytics e.g. in Customer Experience analysis:

  • Real-time view, with huge amounts of data (e.g. 100 000 calls per month).
  • Get a real understanding of your customer and employee experience based on the data you already have.
  • Understand the main trends, phenomena and changes from any open communication channel.
  • No more decisions based on assumptions.
  • Your services, products and marketing can be tailored based on the real needs of your customers.

Another Text Analytics Tool? No, We Are Not: 

  • Our service has replaced multiple traditional text analytics tools.
  • What we are doing, is AI-based qualitative analytics that is not based on keywords.
  • Others do text analytics, we do qualitative content analysis from texts.
  • The big picture is often missing from traditional text analytics. We argue that AI-based qualitative analytics provides a deeper understanding of the larger scale phenomena present in the data in a way that has previously not been possible. 
  • We offer you a 360 unbiased view of all of your data in real-time.

Read more about qualitative analysis VS traditional text-analysis from here

So what Makes Us Unique?

1. Our Focus 

We bring value and unfair competitive advantage to the business, product, and service owners.

2. Our Product: Aiwo System – AI-based Qualitative Analytics 

  • Continuous qualitative analytics of all data sources in real-time 24/7.
  • An user experience designed around business users. No data sciences degree needed!
  • Easy and secure onboarding in just 1 day.
  • Aiwo is fully AI-driven, with no human labor needed for data labeling or teaching the vocabulary.
  • Aiwo automatically discovers the different main themes, sub-themes, sentiments, discourses, trends, and impact factors present in the data.
  • No technology dependencies, we offer SaaS and on-premises alternatives.

 3. Our Team

Aiwo’s highly experienced interdisciplinary team includes data science, software architecture, and qualitative research and user experience professionals. It is an honor for us to keep to the agreed service promises in good quality and on time. Read more from our Team page who is providing you with better data-based decisions every day.

4. Our customers (Read more about them behind the link)

Our offer to you: Free analysis from your own data

We offer free demo to you:

  • Max 50 000 lines of open  text data (e.g. open NPS replies, Ticket Data, HR-query data)
  • Walk-through of the data with you and your team over remote meeting
  • Free report exported from our solution.

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