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customer contact intelligence

Customer Contact Intelligence

  • Discover operational issues causing unnecessary customer contacts
  • Visualise the cost of customer contacts
  • Assign the ownership of the issues to the correct business units


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Worrying figures show that contact centres are close to breaking point

According to a recent Censuswide study of 1000 contact centre leaders in the UK, US and Australia, companies are downright battling against rising contact volumes: as many as 59% agreed that contact volumes are spiralling beyond their capacity to handle them.

Improve efficiency and deliver
better service at lower cost

Identify operational issues generating customer contacts

Prioritise development actions based on the cost impact of issues

Reduce costs by reducing the total number of contacts

Discover the root causes for operational inefficiencies

Improve customer experience with less issues leading to contact

Improve employee experience in customer service

Customer contact analysis that drives efficiency

Aiwo captures data from your contact channels, analyses it and makes operational issues causing customer contacts visible to your decision makers. The analysis makes customer experience quantifiable and actionable.

Discover the root cause for customer contacts that

  • increase costs
  • can’t be turned into additional sales
  • have a negative impact on both customer and employee experience.

Praises from professionals

Marika Ilmola
Head of Customer Service Operations
Ensin Palvelut Oy

“Aiwo has produced data that is very important to us, and the tool is sure to be put in good use! The data met our expectations, and it also provides absolutely brilliant reinforcements for the observations made by our customer team.”

Ian Golding
Global Customer Experience Specialist
Certified Customer Experience Professional

“Aiwo Customer Contact Intelligence is an incredible innovation to enable organisations to identify and highlight opportunities to eliminate unnecessary customer interaction.”


Aiwo helps MTV achieve 6 figure increase in profit

“It has been amazing, how Aiwo turns something that was considered as a cost factor into something that is actually valuable for us”, said MTV’s Service Design Lead Jan Rosnell.

Visualise the savings potential of your customer contacts

According to Aiwo data 63% of all customer contacts are cost driving: those that create unnecessary costs, are rooted in operational inefficiencies and impair customer and employee experience. The volume varies depending on the industry from 40 percent to more than 70 percent.

Use Aiwo’s customer contact cost calculator to visualise your annual contact costs and their savings potential based on your industry.

Ready to start increasing efficiency?

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