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customer contact intelligence

Customer Contact Intelligence

  • Discover operational issues causing unnecessary customer contacts
  • Visualise the cost of customer contacts
  • Assign the ownership of customer issues to the correct business units


customer contact analysis turns your contact data into actionable insights

Say Goodbye to Unnecessary Customer Contacts

When your service falls short of meeting your customers’ needs, it leads to frustrated and repetitive customer inquiries and creates dissatisfying experiences. Additionally, managing these contacts consumes valuable time and resources and thus incurs costs for your company.

Aiwo is the ultimate solution for gaining visibility into how your services appear from your customer’s perspective.

Convert your multichannel customer interaction data into valuable data and insights of inefficiencies and cost saving opportunities.

AI-Powered Customer Contact Analysis

Aiwo conducts real-time AI-powered analysis of incoming customer contacts from all channels. The analysis identifies and tracks the root-causes of contacts that can be categorised as unnecessary – customers returning after experiencing unmet needs with the service. The data provided enables faster and more focused improvements.

Identifying and reducing the amount of unnecessary contacts results in significant cost savings and improves both efficiency and customer experience.

Great Potential to Improve Experience and Efficiency







The volume of unnecessary contacts from all incoming customer inquiries varies depending on the industry
from 40% to more than 70%!

Advanced AI to Drive Efficiency

Customer Service

View of all customer contact channels in one singular interface. Say goodbye to common customer issues as Aiwo helps you identify and address them proactively. No more manual work in contact reason classification. Gain valuable insights into the direct costs associated with customer issues and boost efficiency with case deflection.

Experience the power of Aiwo for customer service!

Business Development

Transform your customer journey processes with Aiwo. No more relying on surveys and slow customer research. Leverage insights derived from 100% of all customer interactions. Track and report the success of your development initiatives with real-time data. Foster collaboration and alignment across different business units with objective customer data.

Experience the power of Aiwo for business development!

Aiwo drives value to many roles and functions

Holistic and Detailed Insights to Improve Decision Making

For decision-makers, Aiwo provides a holistic and dynamic view of the biggest contact reasons and their direct costs to help set targets for efficiency improvements and cost-savings.

For operational roles, Aiwo provides detailed information that helps to plan and prioritise development actions needed – and data to demonstrate the business value of great customer experience.

Unlock the Business Value of Your Customer Contacts

Reduce Call Volume:
Identify and resolve the root causes of customer issues at the source

Ensure Swift Resolution:
Assign customer issues to the right business units for efficient handling

Focus on What Matters: Prioritise development actions based on direct impact on the bottom line

Drive Efficiency:
Reduce overall customer contacts and streamline operations

Exceed Customer Experience:
Eliminate common pain points and enhance customer satisfaction

Empower Your Team:
Reduce repetitive customer contacts for more fulfilling interactions

Praises from professionals

Marika Ilmola
Head of Customer Service Operations
Ensin Palvelut Oy

“Aiwo has produced data that is very important to us, and the tool is sure to be put in good use! The data met our expectations, and it also provides absolutely brilliant reinforcements for the observations made by our customer team.”

Ian Golding
Global Customer Experience Specialist
Certified Customer Experience Professional

“Aiwo Customer Contact Intelligence is an incredible innovation to enable organisations to identify and highlight opportunities to eliminate unnecessary customer interaction.”


Aiwo Helps MTV Achieve 6 Figure Increase in Profit

“It has been amazing, how Aiwo turns something that was considered as a cost factor into something that is actually valuable for us”, said MTV’s Service Design Lead Jan Rosnell.

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Customer contact intelligence serves many functions and roles. Please tell us more about your use case and we will contact you soon.

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