Your customers' voice, defining your business

One, real-time outlook for all your customer communications. Understand causalities and develop your products and services to be more customer-centric.
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Understand your customer experience

Follow in real time how your customer experience is living and evolving. Identify new phenomena that require your attention, follow the impact of your actions to your customer base, and grow your business by constantly keeping your fingers on the pulse of the customer experience.
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data-driven ai

Data-driven artificial intelligence tells what your customers are saying

Aiwo’s analytics is fully data-driven, so it shows the customer experience honestly and authentically without preset assumptions.
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Information security is an essential part of our business. We guarantee reliability when handling sensitive data.


Aiwo CX helps MTV achieve 6 figure increase in profit

It has been amazing, how Aiwo turns something that was considered as a cost factor into something that is actually valuable for us”, said MTV’s Service Design Lead Jan Rosnell recently during the 10th edition of Aiwo Studio.”
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