Why Artificial Intelligence Qualitative Analytics Increases Productivity and Improves Business?

Artificial Intelligence-based qualitative analytics is reliable, realtime and accurate, enabling leading with knowledge and reliable decision making. Decisions need not be based on assumptions or inaccurate information. Qualitative analytics produced by artificial intelligence can be real-time and all available data sources can be utilized.

Product and service development can be tailored to meet the real needs of our customers. Understand the root causes, phenomena, trends and dependencies of the topics from all the messages and contacts coming from the various customer service channels. Targeting your marketing campaign and understanding how your customers experience marketing can be accurately visualized, the marketing message can be adjusted and tested completely in real-time.

All this is possible with unique Aiwo Aizait service – qualitative analytics with artificial intelligence. Leading with knowledge 2.0 is here, today!

What makes our Qualitative Analytics Unique?

  • Not just topic modeling and sentiments, Aizait also automatically produces main themes, sub-themes, discourses, changes, trends, theme dependences and theme relations and also impact factors – from any data source and in real-time.
  • Aizait discovers from long documents and messages all topics, themes, sub-themes, sentiments, and discourses, not forcing one document or message just under one theme and sentiment. Aizait can show the analytics breakdown of long messages.
  • Aizait is fully AI-driven, with no human labor needed for data labeling or teaching the vocabulary. Our AI discovers automatically new themes and phrases.
  • Aizait is not a black box. Aizait can show how different messages and documents have been analyzed, what is the accuracy of analytics and how long messages have been divided into themes and sub-themes with the sentiment.
  • No technology dependencies, we offer SaaS and on-premises alternatives.
  • Aizait UI is ready for business users. Users can use all metadata for filtering and searching objects of interest all the way to actual messages.

Documents, feedbacks, chats, emails, social media, phone calls, WhatsApp messages – all communication and documents can be analyzed securely in real-time

Real-time insights from real experiences

  • AI learns automatically without human teaching
  • Real-time analytics instantly ready to use
  • Easy and secure onboarding just in 1 day
  • Several simultaneous data sources, unlimited data
  • New topics and themes discovered automatically
  • Continuous qualitative research to all data sources in real-time 24/7

Turn all documents and communication to profit and better business with Real-Time AI Qualitative Analytics

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