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Calculate the cost of your customer contacts

Use this calculator to visualise your annual costs from customer contacts and their savings potential.

What are the industry-specific percentages based on?

The percentages are based on academic research results of Failure Demand and the contact analysis data verified by Aiwo. Aiwo analyses nearly 2 million customer contacts every month.

What are cost and value driving contacts?

Cost driving contacts account for those contacts that create unnecessary costs, are rooted in operational inefficiencies and impair customer and employee experience. Value driving contacts are those that increase customer loyalty and enable additional sales.

How to identify cost driving contacts?

Identifying cost driving contacts has previously required manual work, for example, in listening to customer calls or analysing customer feedback. Aiwo offers a powerful analytics tool to automatically analyse customer contacts from all channels and to categorise them either as cost or value driving contacts.

What is Aiwo Customer Contact Intelligence?

Aiwo customer contact intelligence is customer contact analysis enriched with your company specific operational data. The analysis produces data and actionable insights on operational level problems that increase customer contacts, reduce efficiency and impair customer and employee satisfaction – always showing a clear link to financial value.

Aiwo’s real time dashboard visualises contact costs and helps to identify the ownership of issues, discover trends and understand which customer segments are affected.

The AI-driven analysis is based on natural language analysis and academic theory of failure demand

Start saving on contact costs

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