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Aiwo EX surprised Cargotec with its ability to indicate the mood of the employees

October 14, 2020
Hannu Klemetti

“Without Aiwo we wouldn’t be able to analyze natural language based data sets that are this large”, highlights Cargotec’s VP EX (Kalmar Mobile Solutions) Ville Karkiainen in AIWO Studio episode. Cargotec has been using Aiwo EX since the spring of 2020 and has been happy with the benefits they have gotten.  

Employee satisfaction is a crucial part of Cargotec’s data driven leadership and people development. Gathering insights about, how the organization is doing is important to them. Aiwo provided Cargotec with a new way to understand their employees’ experiences even better and more comprehensively:

Aiwo EX provided us with a way to understand how what people say affects us at an organizational level. We were able to understand the language and categorize it into themes and segments.  Aiwo EX’s ability to indicate the mood of the employees through free text analysis was something that really surprised me, says Ville Karkiainen

Aiwo demoed the Aiwo EX service to Cargotec with an old engagement survey to showcase the capabilities of our product. After this Cargotec piloted Aiwo EX with the goal to understand, how their employees are feeling, what are they thinking, and therefore how the mood of the organization evolves as time passes. This was crucial especially during springtime, when COVID-19 hit the world.

The set up that we had was a weekly survey, which had a very short quantitative part and an open text field with an open question “What are you thinking about this week?”. I have learned from Aiwo that it’s important to form the question openly and not to steer people’s thoughts in any direction. Also, from a survey design perspective this was the first question in the survey”, tells Karkiainen.

Cargotec’s weekly survey’s open text field was analyzed by Aiwo’s AI based qualitative analytics. The survey included both quantitative and qualitative features, which enabled Cargotec to compare, whether the employees’ mood that Aiwo analyzed through the open text field followed the mood that was measured quantitatively. And it did. But that’s not all…

More than that we were able to understand, why the data is what it is and why the mood of the data is, what it is. It was awesome to see how the mood evolved, when something happened in the organization, environment or in people’s lives. So, when we were making decisions that concerned the entire organization, it was important and fascinating to see, how the mood of the organization shifted in both, quantitative and qualitative analysis”, Karkiainen rejoices.

One of the most important things that Cargotec realized from using Aiwo EX, was that the employee experience that is usually measured once or twice a year in annual surveys can change significantly on a weekly basis. Therefore, the real employee experience and changes in it cannot be seen if the measuring intervals are too far apart. The best results are achieved through analyzing and giving the employee the chance to give feedback and communicate with us in real-time.

The real-time observations that Aiwo made from Cargotec’s qualitative data lead to better informed decision making. Karkainen feels that this is the most concrete benefit that they have achieved with Aiwo:

We at the Cargotec are making decisions based on the data we get from Aiwo EX analysis. For me the benefits of using Aiwo System doesn’t get more concrete than that.

Both Cargotec and Aiwo have been happy with the cooperation. Our Design Anthropologist Aate Autio has been working closely with Cargotec during our cooperation. He has been impressed by Cargotec.

Cargotec’s attitude towards their employees, change in general and the data itself impressed me. Data driven decision making is immensely important and Cargotec’s attitude people centric. Seeing that and getting to work with Ville and his whole team has been an excellent experience. You can really see the drive they have to bettering the lives of everyone in Cargotec”, praises Aate Autio.

We are always happy to get such positive feedback and experiences from our customers. Each of our customer is important to us and we want to be making sure that we are providing and helping them to understand their customers and employees even better now and in the future.

See the full inspiring discussion with Ville and Aate by watching AIWO Studio’s fourth episode from below:

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