Aiwo System

Aiwo System real-time qualitative analytics combines the latest AI technologies and processes of qualitative research. The unique Aiwo System service is the first analytics service that does not require a separate deployment project or separate vocabulary training when the data to be analyzed is brought to the service. Therefore Aiwo System’s qualitative content analysis is fully data-driven and does not include any keywords.

Aiwo System enables you to understand people and the narratives they produce in real-time from a large amount of qualitative data – what, how, and why are people communicating.

With Aiwo System, you can understand phenomena, trends, changes, and see how different themes and topics related to each other.

Aiwo System’s real-time natural language analysis provides tools to develop products, services, and experiences of your customers and employees.

  • Understand and react to changes within and outside of your organization.
  • Conduct continuous market research and develop your marketing communication using up-to-date data.

Have your existing big data integrated into Aiwo System to create a more holistic customer, employee, or media understanding. Turn all your communication external and internal sources to leading with knowledge.

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When you measure engagement through quantitative metrics you get to understand where people are now, but you can’t see the root cause for that.  Aiwo System stroke us something that would provide us with both. Not just the outcomes or where people are emotionally at the moment, but also the reasons.

Ville Karkiainen

VP HR Kalmar Mobile Solutions, Cargotec

We are accommodating over 100 000 travelers every year, in all major Scandinavian cities. Our aim is to create unique customer experiences that drive our growth.

Aiwo CX enables our teams to take customer insights deeper than ever before across multiple channels and in real-time. On top of that, the team is great to work with – very responsive, proactive and sharply focused on helping my company to succeed.

Johannes Kangas

Managing Director, Forenom Group Oy

MTV services entertain millions of Finns. Customer experience is a significant competitive factor for us, and we collect large amounts of customer feedback.

In real-time Aiwo CX analyzes this mass into meaningful data, highlighting trends, recent changes, strengths, and weaknesses. Aiwo CX is a great tool that puts the true customer at the center of everything we do.

Jan Rosnell

Service Design Lead, MTV Oy

Kuopio University Hospital is in charge of the demanding specialised medical care of nearly a million patients. It is our priority to constantly improve the safety, and experience of our patients and well being of health care professionals. Before it used to be impossible for our people to analyze the content of all the feedback instantly, with Aiwo CX it´s possible to do in a secure and unbiased way.

Merja Miettinen

Professor, Ph.D.   Executive Vice President for Customership and Services Kuopio University Hospital

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