Aiwo Studio

Aiwo Studio is Aiwo’s discussion forum about customer experience, employee satisfaction and AI-based qualitative analytics. In our studio you will see guests from our awesome team, but also among our inspiring  customers , with whom we will discuss about important themes around customer and employee understanding. We are also looking for other people, who have thoughts to share about customer experience, employee understanding or data analysis!

Aiwo Studio episodes can be found from this site but also from Aiwo’s YouTube channel and other social media channels like LinkedIn and Twitter. If you want to stay up to date with the latest episodes, remember to follow us in social media and subscribe us in YouTube.

Watch interesting discussions from below! If you get interested and want to hear more about our unique AI-based qualitative analytics service, get in touch with us and we will be happy to tell you more!

Aiwo Studio, E13: Rekrytointi, työnhaku ja henkilöstökokemus – vieraana Saana Rossi (Vincit)


Episode 12: Häiriökysyntä, resilienssi ja valtarakenteet – vieraana Hermanni Hyytiälä (Gofore)

This Aiwo Studio episode was produced in Finnish.

Episode 11: Menestys syntyy asiakaskokemuksesta – vieraana kirjailijat Salla Seppä (Nordic Business Forum) & Liisa Holma (Un/known)

This Aiwo Studio episode was produced in Finnish.

Episode 10: ”And that is why we have Aiwo” – with Jan Rosnell (MTV)

Read MTV’s Customer Reference Story

Episode 9: Why it’s important to understand customer and employee experience – with Hanna-Riikka Ilkka & Vilja Laaksonen (Aava & Bang)

Christmas Special with Aiwo’s COO Jani Jokela, CRO Tommi Tallgren and Concept Designer Tiia Rahkonen

Episode 8: Design Anthropologist in a marketing communications and advertising agency – with Anna Haverinen (Grundlage)

Episode 7: Design and customer experience in Finland – with Tuomas Manninen (OP Financial Group)

Episode 6: Uusia työkaluja strategiatyöhön – vieraana Mikko Leskelä (Noren)

This Aiwo Studio episode was produced in Finnish.

Episode 5: How did Aiwo’s and CC-Interactive’s cooperation start?

Read the news article about the cooperation with CC-I

Episode 4: How has Cargotec utilized Aiwo to analyze their employee satisfaction?

Read Cargotec’s Customer Reference Story

Episode 3: Aiwo and Australia – What is going on?

Read the news article of our Australian client Nearmap

Episode 2: Why should organizations change from text analytics to qualitative analytics?

Episode 1: Why is Aiwo doing qualitative analytics based on artificial intelligence?

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