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Introducing Aiwo Customer Contact Intelligence

October 25, 2022

In the experience economy, overshadowed by a looming economic downturn and complex business challenges, there’s no more relying on surveys and manual contact reasons in getting your customers’ voice into decision making. Showing the clear link between customers’ reality and financial value is needed now more than ever.

Therefore it is our pleasure to introduce Aiwo Customer Contact Intelligence: AI-driven contact analysis enriched with company specific operational data. A unique solution to produce quantifiable and actionable business data out of your customer contacts.

Without it, you spend valuable time in 

And still not getting the data you need to expose the root causes of contacts, to identify and quantify unnecessary customer communication or to be able to prioritise and monitor actions that help save on the direct costs of contacts – short term or long term. 

With Aiwo you capture all of your customer contacts from all customer channels and analyse them through your company specific operational data – and thus produce genuine intelligence for decision making.

This allows you, in real time, to:

Acting upon these results leads to improved efficiency as well as improved customer experience.

With Aiwo, the link between your customers’ reality and financial value is clear. Our data shows that on average 63% of all customer contacts are cost driving: such that create unnecessary costs, are rooted in operational inefficiencies and impair customer experience. 

In an economic downswing, anything companies can do to eliminate unnecessary customer communication, to improve efficiency and to increase loyalty among customers, should be done. Aiwo Customer Contact Intelligence is a powerful tool to tackle all of these three business challenges simultaneously – resulting in improved customer experience.

Join the early movers

The data-driven transformation has already been seen in marketing and revenue management. Next it will happen for customer experience. The pioneers have already adopted this data-driven approach and have started to analyse and aggregate their customer interaction data with their operational and financial data.

Aiwo is the fastest solution to achieve these business benefits without an expensive and long-lasting IT-project. Book a time for a free demo to see our analytics dashboard in action or try our customer contact cost calculator to visualise your annual contact costs and their savings potential.

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