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Aiwo analysed 1.5 million Twitter posts to help Valio create a recipe for a future-proof milk chocolate bar with less sugar

November 3, 2022
Avatar photo Saana Borgström

Milk being the core ingredient of chocolate, a Finnish dairy and food company Valio harnessed artificial intelligence to showcase the taste of the future milk chocolate. “The Bar” unites everything the world loves about milk chocolate, but with less sugar. This is thanks to Valio BettersweetTM milk powder solution.

Aiwo’s role was to conduct an AI-powered analysis of milk chocolate lovers’ thoughts, cravings, and tastes around the world to find out the most relevant topics and attributes people love about chocolate. In total Aiwo analysed 1.5 million Twitter posts around the globe. The analysis was based on Aiwo’s data-driven analysis methods for open text. 

Together with the consumer survey results, the findings of Aiwo’s AI-driven analysis lead to the design of the final product crafted by local chocolate artists of Kultasuklaa company. 

“The whole project is a proof of how Valio is up to date with consumer needs and current health preferences. Not to mention their innovative approach in using new technology in crafting new products”, says Aate Autio, the Head of Product Design of Aiwo.

Read more about this innovative project in Valio’s press release.