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Leading with knowledge 2.0

December 8, 2019

Business awakening to digitalization and data collection has been going on for several years. However, the utilization of the collected information in business has still been incomplete. For example, customer experience data is often numerical rather than allowing the customer to share their own experiences with the company’s products or services. The tyranny of numerical data is problematic because of its inaccuracy and often misdirection. The customer is forced to give a numerical grade to a preset question, which may not be the core of the customer feedback. And yet this data has been still used for leading with knowledge and decision making today.

The new era of leading with knowledge 2.0 is possible already today. Aiwo Digital’s real-time AI Qualitative Analytics is a game-changer – The Aizait service.

Creating feedback channels for the client and activating the clients to share their own experiences about the topics that the client considers important.  In this case, all the feedback given by the customer is directed to the customer’s own experiences. In the past, analyzing completely free feedback has been tedious and time-consuming.  Aizait qualitative analytics enables real-time accurate analysis of customer communications and communication from all channels.

Product and service development can be tailored to meet the real needs of our customers. Understand the root causes, phenomena, trends and dependencies of the topics from all the messages and contacts coming from the various customer service channels. Targeting your marketing campaign and understanding how your customers experience marketing can be accurately visualized, the marketing message can be adjusted and tested completely in real-time.