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Understand your customers

December 7, 2019

Understand your customers and understand how your customers are experiencing your products and services in real-time

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing qualitative research. We (Aiwo Digital) have modeled the processes of qualitative research with artificial intelligence and can revolutionize qualitative research. Previous limitations of qualitative research due to the limited size of the research sample and the slowness of interpreting qualitative analytics can be overlooked by qualitative analytics using artificial intelligence.

Utilizing artificial intelligence in qualitative analytics also brings with it a whole new set of possibilities; as now research data can be collected from a variety of sources. Previously, typically only one source of qualitative information was used as a data source, such as interviews or free text web site feedback. Now, through efficient and real-time qualitative analytics, multiple simultaneous data sources can be utilized, making it easy for the respondent to produce the feedback. Today, many services and transactions can be handled on a mobile device. For example, a mobile device is particularly well suited for providing voice feedback.

Qualitative analytics with artificial intelligence have the undeniable advantage of its neutrality – there is no preconception or bias in artificial intelligence – all data is analyzed in the same way, no matter how much data is being analyzed. The slowness of traditional qualitative analytics can also be overlooked, because qualitative analytics with artificial intelligence can be produced in real-time. Real-time has a significant advantage because the findings and phenomena of qualitative research can be directly translated into business and service development without delay.

All customer communication and collected information can be utilized in real-time with AI qualitative analytics. The customer experience can be utilized in a whole new way for the development of comprehensive business, resulting in a significant competitive advantage and can be utilized as a better business. Qualitative analytics with artificial intelligence enables leading with knowledge and decision making in a whole new way, real-time and based on real facts – understand your customers and understand how customers experience your products and services.