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Aiwo’s Commitment to Support Authorities During the Coronavirus Outbreak

February 27, 2020

Here at Aiwo, we are closely monitoring the coronavirus public health emergency that has affected tens of thousands of people across the globe. First in Asian countries, and later in numerous other countries when the outbreak reached Europe.

The growing epidemic has broadened our view on what it means to be an AI technology provider in times of need. We know many organizations are grappling with how to maintain business continuity and keep up with the threat of the virus. We found yet another use case for our AI-powered qualitative analytics.

Now it’s possible to follow in real-time multiple communication channels and visualize themes, trends and topics related to the movements of the coronavirus. When we need to know what’s going on for example in Italy, we can do the following search:

You can see the massive changes in volumes of communication during the last three days. There are also big changes in general sentiment. You could also dive deeper into sub-themes and see the individual messages.

Aiwo and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

We started co-operation with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland to help officials to build a better situation awareness of the coronavirus outbreak. 

Potential benefits of Aizait service for the ministry in the coronavirus outbreak:

Here´s an example of the Aizait´s search possibilities:

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Here at Aiwo, we are committed to doing our part to help during this challenging time. When people live in uncertainty, when businesses are hurt because of misinformation, and when the news are scattered pieces of information, Aizait provides visibility to the bigger picture and the unfiltered truth.

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