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Customer experience is everyone’s business

August 6, 2020
Hannu Klemetti

We are often asked what makes qualitative analytics so unique. “We are already using analytic tools to analyse our customer experience, how is this different?” we might be told.

In an increasingly competitive and challenging world the amount of information from different data sources is enormous, and so to say impractical to manually analyse. By different data source we mean thousands of hours of call centre phone calls, emails, chat messages, open feedback surveys and social media comments, direct messages or tweets, for instance. Analyzing qualitative data with our AI based service Aizait all customer communication and encounters are able to change into customer experience without any preconceptions. Therefore, unbiasedness is one answer to the question of the uniqueness of our service.

We know, at this point you might think that, how the AI based qualitative analysis can be unbiased. Isn’t the data as biased as the data is to which demographic information, such as age and gender affects. Our answer to this is that we don’t search ourselves the things your company wants to find. Aizait’s qualitative content analysis is fully data driven, to which any person’s own perceptions does not affect. In summary, with Aizait your company is not looking what you are interested in. Aizait gives an open narration to a customer without your company’s own judgements.

Why is it important to understand customer experience comprehensively?

Above said is interesting but to what does it actually affect? It affects to better customer understanding and therefore even better service and product development. Customer experience is present in every decision and action that an organization makes and in every customer encounter. The culture around customer experience is changing to a direction where customer experience is not just one sector’s or team’s range of responsibility or done in silos. The whole organization in every level of the company needs to work for to understand its customers’ needs and wishes daily.

We argue that customer experience is everyone’s business regardless of a business sector the company works in. But when customer experience requires to be understood in each level there becomes a need to get reliable analysis of every customer encounter and feedback the company receives. An overall picture is required all the way from the grass root level. After that companies are able to value, what kind of emotions their service or product has evoked in their customers and as a result to develop their business. As a tool for this Aizait is a tremendous and useful service. We are able to analyze all incoming omnichannel information in real-time.

Why does Aiwo do qualitative analytics and not text analytics?

But how do we differ from text analytics and why don’t we do that? From text analytics the big picture is often missing. We argue that qualitative analytics provides a deeper understanding that is not based only on keywords and their sentiments. Our service doesn’t use any keywords but creates content ensembles about different topics and themes that Aizait observes from the data. With our service you will be provided with a wide situation picture and a possibility to view and compare observations between different time periods. This way you can really understand the effects of the changes your company has made by observing, how the changes have worked with your customers or made an impact. You can read how different business sectors have utilized our service from here.

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