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Why Customer Experience Is Everything Right Now?

April 6, 2020
Avatar photo Jani Jokela

We are in the middle of the biggest crises since the Second World War and this fact will change the behavior of your customers, for good. We´ll see tremendous movement to digital in the post-Covid world. According to McKinsey, “this has begun to play out in China, where there has been a 55 percent increase in consumers intending to permanently shift to online grocery shopping, and an increase of three to six percentage points in overall e-commerce penetration in the aftermath of COVID-19.”

This forced digital transformation will make understanding your customer experience a moving target. You´ll need a new vital set of tools to navigate through rough seas.

Why invest in customer experience (CX)?

How´s your inbox doing right now? Full of sales emails and “are you free for a 10min chat”? Companies are doubling down on sales and sales force is under heavy pressure. Aggressive sales maneuvers are not exactly the best way to drive customer experience in the time of isolation and remote work with the kids.

We all know acquiring a new customer is more expensive than retaining your existing customer. And under current circumstances, it´s even more expensive. During the financial crisis 2007 – 2009 it was proven that focusing on customer experience is a winning strategy in recession. During those years customer experience leaders delivered three times higher returns for shareholders.

Cutting costs is inevitable. But that does not have to come at the expense of excellent customer experience, which can drive you substantial value.

At Aiwo Digital we are proud of our unique innovation, which is based on processes of qualitative analytics and the latest AI technologies.

With omnichannel Aizait service you can:

The 2020 Digital Marketing Trends Report by Adobe asked companies to indicate the single most exciting opportunity for their organization in the upcoming year – this was before the current crisis. And yes, the customer experience was the most exciting opportunity.

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