Power of Real-Time Qualitative Analytics, Aate Autio Interviewed

March 14, 2020
Jani Jokela

The innovation of real-time qualitative analytics was born in the fertile grounds of diversity. Aiwo´s team is build of data scientists, AI & IT architects, experienced entrepreneurs and qualitative research specialists like our brilliant anthropologist Aate Autio.

Everyone talks about the corona. But didn't talk until a couple of weeks ago.

Aate was interviewed by Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle, about emotions and narratives found in public discussions locally and globally. Aiwo´s Aizait AI service is a powerful tool to understand massive quantities of qualitative information in real-time. This interview is about social media, but you can only imagine the value our service is delivering every day in the business world.

Key findings of the interview:

  • Finnish people were passive until a couple of days ago narrative went from distant to emotional
  • English Twitter discussions are even more emotional and negative
  • In Finland, the related issues are still discussed, but Twitter in English talks more about symptoms and spread.
  • The debate has shifted away from a distant epidemic that does not concern itself, now to what affects one's daily life
  • Generally speaking, Twitter follows world news

He reminds us that Twitter is only a small part of the population and that the discussion on Twitter is primarily about the kind of discussion that takes place there. Therefore, it is not advisable to seek the opinion of the whole people on Twitter. 

- Or even look for the truth of living with the corona. Living truth and what we want to talk about can be kept separate, Autio recalls.

Aizait service is able to deliver amazingly accurate and unbiased insights from qualitative data from multiple channels at the same time. This omnichannel service offers a holistic understanding of your customers' needs, motivations and emotions in real-time. This information is used to lead with knowledge instead of a gut feeling.