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Aiwo cooperates with the Customer Engagement Optimization Company from Denmark

October 1, 2020

We are excited to introduce our partner from Denmark: CC-Interactive . CC-Interactive is a company who works in customer engagement optimization. Aiwo and CC-Interactive started cooperating this spring and are planning exciting new things in the future together. We were happy to have CC-Interactive’s CEO Harald Riis Thomsen and Torsten Hertig, who works in business development, in AIWO Studio with us.

In this episode you will hear, how CC-Interactive started cooperating with Aiwo in the first place and partnered with Aiwo. Harald and Torsten will also share their thoughts about Aiwo System and will explain, why they are so thrilled about Aiwo’s unique service: AI-based qualitative analytics.

See the whole AIWO Studio episode with CC-Interactive

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