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Aiwo allows a complete view of all customer communications

January 11, 2022
Hannu Klemetti

Insights on the full picture of customer communications are one of the key aspects to understand the behaviour of your clients 

One of the big challenges within customer communication is deeply understanding the insights behind the numbers and indicators. If we consider large B2C corporations, scores and data collecting mechanisms are a an ever-increasing way of realising what your customer is thinking. But the more complex they grow, the more this brings us to the relevant question: How to make the most sense of large amounts of customer communication?

Understanding all channels

All channels of communication are interconnected and they are a part of the reach that a brand has to its clients. In traditional industries, digitalisation is happening faster than ever, pushing towards more complex and larger amounts of feedback. Channels of communication are also constantly evolving, but how to combine the new ways of gathering information with the existing ones? Aiwo goes through several different sources of data and gathers their content in one platform with the objective of providing the most accurate insights on your current situation. This omni-channel integration allows you to see all the customer encounters from multiple platforms, in one place, under the same theme. Whenever a client calls with an issue, and another writes to your chatbot that same issue, the AI powered system will identify they are part of the same narrative, creating a full picture of the communications within your brand.

The direct benefits of using AI to analyse multiple sources of feedback are evident: 

As said from our customers:

“Data that is in a form that is easy to use and is relevant for your position and your daily work, that has a power of changing companies and their company cultures and making people to understand customer experience. You must hear the voice of customer and if it’s not human enough, it doesn’t speak you in an emotional level eitherFrom Aiwo, you can really see the customer pain and understand it. After that it’s easier to start to think how to improve it,” – MTV’s Service Design Lead Jan Rosnell. 

Preventive insights 

In a constantly evolving world, rapidly reacting to changes is a key differential to remain relevant.  Efficiency is increased when managerial decisions rely on data to steer strategical and practical actions. Therefore, it is extremely important that tools are focused on a preventive work, reducing risks and mitigating problems. Tackling this issue with a state of the art application of AI, Aiwo uses sentiment analysis to go through large amounts of open feedback in real-time. This allows decision makers to take preventive measures long before pressing issues reach a more critical level. The variation in the customer expression about a certain topic can demonstrate how they perceive that feature or product. The key to effectiveness is the fast identification of these trends, so that faster actions can be taken.

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