Aiwo’s interdisciplinary team with over 20 employees has highly experienced experts from different fields from software architects, mathematicians, design anthropologists and interface and artificial intelligence developers to experts in qualitative analysis. Aiwo's team members work in Finland and in Australia.

The team has long-term experience in, for example, research, product development, service production and entrepreneurship. We care about our employees and customers, so we want to ensure the quality of our service at every stage of our customer base and exceed our customers' expectations. 

We are a partner for whom information security is the number one priority, which guarantees the reliability when handling sensitive data.
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Who are we?

Atso Vesterinen


"Experienced entrepreneur. I do my best to make the Aiwo Team work 100% for our customers. We provide an unfair competitive advantage to our customers."

Jani Jokela


"Visionaire building the world a better place by observation and experimentation. Customer and employee experience at heart. The link between Aiwo´s tech and clients."


Tommi Tallgren


"Enthusiastic about good management, customer first mindset, product lead value creation, life-long learning, family and friends, biking, running and sailing."

Hermanni Hyytiälä


"I'm specialized in improving the capacity of organizations by helping the decision-makers to make better things."

Pekka Törmälä

executive director

Francisco Carneiro

Head of European sales
“With a diverse background in business and technology, I am focused on creating global solutions and enhancing internationalization. I work implementing data-driven strategies, powering growth and development. At Aiwo, I am dedicated to increasing the presence in international markets.”

Tim Wise


Ian Campbell

“As a former Australian Government Cabinet Minister and now Corporate Director, I have always cared deeply about customer service (since reading the bible according to Scandinavian Airways Chief Jan Carlzon - Moments of Truth). I quoted the work in my first speech in Parliament and have applied the lessons in the public and private sectors. I am thoroughly excited about taking another customer service breakthrough from Scandinavia to Australia, Asia and the world”.

Hannu Klemetti

”I'm connecting the dots between business and technology. My main responsibility is to ensure that our team delivers high-quality analytics for our customers. I drive for sustainable technology and continuous improvement and experimentation. My soul rests best in Finnish Lapland with nothing but wilderness around me.”

Aate Autio

Head of product design
”The jack of all trades design anthropologist heading product design at Aiwo. My charges vary from product centred customer success management to product strategy design. Enthusiast of customer centric product development, qualitative data gathering and analysis processes and an apostle for bringing the voice of the customer to the center of business.”

Tuomas Räsänen

Chief Architect

"My responsibilities and interests lie within information security, machine learning automation, systems programming and sustainable software engineering and development. My mission is to ensure the internals of Aiwo System support our objective to provide unfair competitive advantage to our customers, now and in future. In my spare time, I concentrate on keeping my woodworking hand tools stupidly sharp, just to be able to take a super-fine shaving or two every now and then."

Vesa Kaihlavirta

Lead Architect
“At work I prefer to fix systemic problems -- often technical ones, but also other ones as I can. I would ideally prefer to spend my free time on good movies, games, books, music, and art in general, and also around kick-heavy martial arts and playing the piano.”

Lotta Pakarinen

Qualitative Research Specialist
”Cultural professional who develops and validates artificial intelligence models and modeling processes here at Aiwo. In my spare time I enjoy spending time in the nature and doing creative things such as photographing.”

Heikki Paajanen

Lead Architect
“While keeping an eye on the big picture, at work I'm especially drawn to the small and dirty details that make the system actually work. My free time is mostly spent with my family and playing the guitar.”

Olli Suoranta

UI Developer

"UI developer at Aiwo, passionate about de-cluttering user interfaces and creating accessible software for humans of all ages and backgrounds. Coder by day, artist by night.”

Salla Saari

Qualitative Research Specialist
“As a linguistics professional, I develop and validate artificial intelligence models and modeling processes. In language use I’m especially interested in how the way of speaking varies in different situations. In my spare time I enjoy being outdoors or spending time on reading books or making puzzles.”

Miguel Laborde


”I have been implementing first-class business practices for more than 20 years with self- regulated KPI and performance monitoring. I have been a leading and influential business executive in assisting companies grow and markets develop throughout my career, working in collaboration with multiple international organisations across the globe to deliver the best solutions and advice to meet clients' needs at all hierarchal levels.”

Tony Fitzgerald


“I’m a graduate in public administration, jurisprudence and law and practised as a litigation lawyer before entering business. I have founded and led life science and technology companies over a 30-year international career in areas including cancer immunology, medical imaging, pharmaceutical distribution, and cardiac AI. I have a strong interest in the evolution and application of AI to and was co-founder of the Alerte Group of AI companies.”

“Super! Working with Aiwo team has been cooperative and very nice. They have been listening to us and doing the things we really need.”