NPS and eNPS – interpret satisfaction metrics correctly

NPS (Net Promoter Score) and eNPS tell you in what level your organization’s customer and employee experience are. If you follow the indicators regularly, you will understand in which direction they are evolving. But do you find concrete answers to the results of your surveys as to which factors particularly affect the satisfaction or experience?
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How you can grow your business with NPS and eNPS surveys


Organize pulse surveys frequently or always keep them open.

Customer and employee experiences are based on personal emotion, so they change easily. Actively follow the emotional state both inside and outside your organization so you know where your brand is evolving.


Combine the possibility of open feedback with the numerical evaluation

The number alone does not justify why your customers or employees rate their experience at the certain level. Wouldn’t you like to know what you can do to improve their experience of your organization?


Identify recurring themes in open feedback

Analyzing open feedback manually is slow and silent signals and rising themes go often unnoticed. In the 2020s, artificial intelligence is a secure solution that answers to the challenges of analysis.


Appreciate the feedback by putting the development ideas into practice

Giving feedback is often perceived as an arduous process, so the response rates may be low. When you receive feedback, make sure you utilize it in your product development or work community. Visible changes motivate your target audience to communicate with you.

How can the data that is collected with NPS and eNPS surveys be processed easily and in real time?

Do you have a product or a service that has thousands or tens of thousands of monthly users? Or do you have more than 1,000 employees whose mood you want to follow? With Aiwo, you analyze real-time survey results collected from both your customers and employees.

The operating principle of Aiwo is simple:

  1. Customer or employee communication (call, email, chat, or feedback form data) is transferred in real time to the Aiwo solution for analysis.
  2. From Aiwo’s browser-based interface, you can see what themes are being addressed in your communications right now. You can also receive compile reports from the analysis produced by Aiwo directly in your email. No unnecessary logins!
  3. Lead and grow your business based on the genuine customer and employee experience revealed by Aiwo.
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”The only way we can beat our competitors in their own game is to understand our local customers the best way possible. And that is why we have Aiwo.”

NPS and eNPS briefly

Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) are widely used satisfaction metrics that tell you how likely your customers and employees would recommend your organization to their acquaintances.

The answers to the survey are offered on a scale of 0 (very unlikely) to 10 (very likely). Customers are divided into three categories based on their response: detractors who give a score from 0 to 6, passives who give a score from 7 to 8, and promoters who give their score from 9 to 10.

But how NPS score is calculated? The NPS recommendation index is obtained by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters. The best possible result is 100, and the weakest possible result -100.

Most times NPS and eNPS surveys are criticized for being ambiguous and not providing direct development suggestions to the organization. Aiwo is the solution to this.

Experience Aiwo CXExperience aiwo EX
“When you measure engagement through quantitative metrics you get to understand where people are now, but you can’t see the root cause for that.  Aiwo System stroke us something that would provide us with both. Not just the outcomes or where people are emotionally at the moment, but also the reasons.” 

How to make NPS and eNPS surveys more useful with Aiwo

The NPS score does not open the causal relationships behind the experience, nor does it reveal whether a customer who gave a low rating was dissatisfied with, for example, the feature of your product or the service the customer received in your store.

In addition, the numerical estimate alone does not tell what matters bother customers who gave a 5 as NPS score and what kind of challenges the customers have who recommend the service with a score of 9.

Open feedback on NPS and eNPS surveys is a valuable channel in developing customer and employee understanding. Aiwo's solutions for developing employee experience and customer experience highlight recurring themes in open feedback and rising trends that also help you catch the root causes of the experience.

Add the ability for open feedback to your NPS and eNPS surveys and analyze the mood from the information you collect from your customers or employees in real time. With Aiwo, you can see concretely which part of your product, service or organization is not working, so you know how to focus the development measures accurately and correctly.

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