Hospitals and other healthcare units receive a significant number of patient and customer contacts, for example, through phone calls, website feedback channels, and emails. Customer data is fragmented and stored on various systems.
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Some of our customers

The challenges of our customers from healthcare sector

  • Hundreds of thousands or even millions of patients and customers, meaning large amounts of customer calls, customer feedback messages, emails and chat contacts every day.
  • Impossibility of analyzing the huge amount of customer communications.
  • Recurring themes in the feedback are not identified, so the themes are not utilized as a basis for operations and customer experience development.

The benefits of Aiwo CX to the industry

  • Real-time and effortless analysis of all customer messages on one platform.
  • Secure and unbiased review of customer communications.
  • Identification of key topics and the areas for improvement from the feedback.
  • Improving the customer experience based on the discussions.
Aiwo CX
Kuopio University Hospital is in charge of the demanding specialised medical care of nearly a million patients. It is our priority to constantly improve the safety, and experience of our patients and well-being of health care professionals. Before it used to be impossible for our people to analyze the content of all the feedback instantly, with Aiwo CX it ́s possible to do in a secure and unbiased way.”
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