Energy companies are characterized by a huge number of customers, who are mainly served by telephone. Customer service on the phone is not only inefficient but also expensive, and it makes it challenging to identify recurring themes from the feedback. It is therefore important for energy companies to identify the factors that affect the customer experience at a more general level than the level of individual feedback responses.
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The challenges of our customers from energy sector

  • Thousands of customers who contact the companies mainly by phone. For some reason, constantly evolving, high-speed digital channels do not work in the customer communications.

  • Impossibility to analyze a huge number of calls.

  • The underlying reasons for the low utilization rate of services is not clear.

  • Recurring themes in the feedback are not identified, so the themes are not utilized as a basis for the development of customer experience.

The benefits of Aiwo CX to the industry

  • Effortless analysis of even massive customer call data and customer messages from digital channels on a single platform.
  • Secure and unbiased review of customer communications.
  • Identification of key topics and areas for improvement from the feedback.
  • Improving the customer experience based on the observations.
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