Employee pulse survey as a measure of employee experience

A monthly employee pulse survey of two questions can reveal important changes in the well-being and motivation of your employees. Do you know how to harness the results of the employee pulse survey as a tool for strategic management?
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What happens without continuous following of employee experience and employee pulse surveys?


You don’t know where your organization’s internal problems are.

If you don’t ask, you won’t get answers either. Guessing the challenges or disagreements within your work community is a path to failure in developing your employee experience.


You don’t recognize your employees’ work motivation or mood.

An annual employee satisfaction survey does not reveal how the mood of your work community varies. You won’t see early warning signals if something lowers the mood and motivation of your employees.


You don’t know how the changes will affect within your organization.

If you don’t follow the employee experience, you don’t know how, for example, the development of internal processes or strategic changes in management affect the employees.


You don’t notice the differences or changes between different teams, departments or units.

Teams, departments, and units consist of numerous different personalities. It is essential from a perspective of business success to know in which department, for example, dissatisfaction has increased and why.

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How should an employee pulse survey be implemented?

An effective employee pulse survey can simply include an eNPS number and a possibility for open feedback.

Even the employee pulse survey that gathers a lot of answers is not useful if the feedback provided by employees is not thoroughly addressed and the conclusions are not put into practice. Frequently conducted surveys further weaken the employee experience if employees find that their responses have no effect.

Aiwo EX shows you quickly how your organization’s employee pulse is evolving and what factors are affecting it. You can follow the mood of your employees as often as you feel necessary.

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Analyze employee pulse survey results quickly – you will get the most out of open-ended responses

Do you conduct employee pulse surveys on a regular basis, but it is impossible for you to analyze a large number of open-ended responses? Does your organization have more than 1,000 employees and you find it difficult to stay on employee pulse in real time?

If you answered yes, Aiwo EX's data-driven artificial intelligence will give you real-time information about your organization's employee pulse.

The operating principle of Aiwo EX is simple:

  1. Employee communication such as employee surveys are transferred in real time to the Aiwo EX solution for analysis.
  2. From Aiwo’s browser-based interface, you can see what themes are being addressed in your employee experience right now. You can also receive compiled reports from the analysis produced by Aiwo directly in your email. No unnecessary logins!
  3. Lead and develop the employee experience of your organization based on the genuine employee voice revealed by Aiwo.
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“We at the Cargotec are making decisions based on the data we get from Aiwo EX analysis. For me the benefits of using Aiwo System doesn’t get more concrete than that.”

Employee pulse survey as a measure of employee experience

Measuring well-being at work with regular, light employee pulse surveys tells the employer more than once a year, often huge employee survey. Well-being and employee experience are easily variable and are dependent on many, sometimes even small, changes in the daily life of the organization. Therefore, rarely conducted survey is can’t reach actual variations.

More and more employers are interested in how their employees are doing on daily basis. Employees’ motivation and feelings become visible on the customer surface as well, so companies are highly motivated to grasp quickly the warning signals that reflect negativity.

In addition to a cross-section that describes the emotional state of the employees at that moment, employee pulse surveys also enable effective long-term follow-up. Therefore, it’s beneficial to review the development of the employee experience, for example, by department or unit level.

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“Aiwo EX provided us with a way to understand how what people say affects us at an organizational level. We were able to understand the language and categorize it into themes and segments. Aiwo HR’s ability to indicate the mood of the employees through free text analysis was something that really surprised me.” 
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