Employee experience - why pay attention to employee experience?

The rapid turnover of employees, the poor attitude of your customer service employees and the poor reputation of your company in the recruitment market are signs of a bad employee experience. If your employee experience is poor, you will reduce your organization’s chances of success. Do you know how you can develop it?
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Your employee experience requires improvement if


Your employees change frequently.

Your employees are the key members of your organization. The turnover of committed employees is low, which contributes to improving the productivity of your operations. If employees are not comfortable in your organization, find out what’s wrong.


Your customers give feedback on poor service.

Motivated, enthusiastic employees serve your customers flexibly and with a good spirit. Employees who do not enjoy their work do not manage to put effort in serving customers and the bad atmosphere in the work community is passed on to the customer.


Your recruitment does not attract new professionals.

The employer image is a competitive advantage, as the best employees apply for organizations, they have heard positive things about through the grapevine. When you profile yourself as a praised employer, recruitment becomes easier.

How to measure employee experience?

Do you conduct employee satisfaction surveys on a regular basis, but it is impossible for you to analyze the open answers? Do you have more than 1,000 employees in your organization and find it difficult to follow the employee pulse in real time?

If you answered yes, then Aiwo EX's data-driven artificial intelligence gives you real-time information about your organization's employee pulse.

The operating principle of Aiwo EX is simple:

  1. Employee communication such as employee surveys are transferred in real time to the Aiwo EX solution for analysis.
  2. From Aiwo’s browser-based interface, you can see what themes are being addressed in your employee experience right now. You can also receive compiled reports from the analysis produced by Aiwo directly in your email. No unnecessary logins!
  3. Lead and develop the employee experience of your organization based on the genuine employee voice revealed by Aiwo.
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“When you measure engagement through quantitative metrics you get to understand where people are now, but you can’t see the root cause for that.  Aiwo EX stroke us something that would provide us with both. Not just the outcomes or where people are emotionally at the moment, but also the reasons.”  

Reaching comprehensive employee experience is difficult in large organizations

At the personal level, employee experience includes literally the employee's own experience of employee’s own work as well as its meaning and goals. More broadly, employee experience is formed in interaction between directors and co-workers.

Organizational culture also plays a key role, as the constraints and opportunities the organizational culture sets affect an employee’s experience of realizing themselves and performing their work. The company's internal communication is also an important part of shaping both the internal culture and the employee experience.

Reaching the honest experience of employees remains as a real challenge for many HR professionals. Face-to-face conversations require courage from the employee and yet important things are easily left unsaid. Also, organization-wide, personal discussions are impossible in large organizations.

Aiwo EX is a tool created to develop the employee experience of organizations that employ thousands of employees. It helps you understand the diverse experiences of your employees. In addition, you will find the common recurring themes as well as the changing trends from a large mass of employee communications.

Experience Aiwo EX
“Kuopio University Hospital is in charge of the demanding specialised  medical  care  of n early a million patients. It is our priority to constantly improve the safety,  and  experience  of  our  patients  and  well  being  of  health  care  professionals.  Before it used to  be impossible  for  our  people  to  analyze  the  content  of  all  the  feedback  instantly,  with  Aiwo CX  it´s  possible  to  do  in  a  secure  and  unbiased  way.”

Developing employee experience is a strategic choice

More and more organizations are waking up to the development of employee experience, as employee engagement and a good employer image are increasingly seen as a competitive advantage.

As the shortage of experts accelerates, an interesting and positive employer image can determine a company's profitability. The best employees and an inspiring work atmosphere attract more experienced professionals, who make good results.

Adamantine employee experience is thus an effective way to stand out from the competitive field. And as noted, the link between a good employee experience and a positive customer experience is straightforward.

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