Customer understanding is the core of a successful business

Customer understanding means putting customer needs and wishes at the center of the business. However, without authentic information from the customers, it is impossible to understand them. Do you know how you can develop your customer understanding and use it to lead your business?
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Your customer understanding 
is weak, if

Your customers are not committed to your business or products.

Committed customers are valuable, so improving customer retention is reflected in your profit.

You don’t know what customers really think of your products.

If you don’t know your customers’ needs or desires, you can’t develop your products in the right direction. If something is wrong in your products, they will not sell.

Processing customer feedback takes too many resources

Focusing on individual feedback doesn’t tell you about broader themes or changing trends in the feedback.

Your decisions in product development are not based on facts.

If you assume you know your customer, you always take a risk. Following up the customer experience in real time gives you a competitive edge because you know for sure what your customers want.

Customer understanding as the engine of your business

Do you receive feedback from thousands or tens of thousands of customers? An understanding of the feedback would certainly enhance your solutions and services.

With the help of Aiwo CX’s data-driven artificial intelligence, you will get real-time information about what is happening in your customer communications and what your customers want.

The operating principle of the Aiwo CX is simple:

  1. Customer communication (call, email, chat or feedback form data) is transferred in real time to the Aiwo CX solution for analysis.
  2. From Aiwo’s browser-based interface, you can see what themes are being addressed in your customer communications right now. You can also receive compile reports from the analysis produced by Aiwo directly in your email. No unnecessary logins!
  3. Lead and grow your business based on the genuine customer experience revealed by Aiwo.
Experience aiwo cx
“Without Aiwo we wouldn’t be able to analyze natural language based data sets that are 
this large”

What kind of data works in developing customer understanding?

Customer Feedback

Seeking customer understanding through feedback or NPS surveys alone often results in low response rates, as customers may not respond to feedback requests. Customer feedback that is processed through chat, phone, or email, on the other hand, contains a lot of valuable information from customers, but it often includes too much material to analyze manually. Therefore, identifying feedback from everyday customer communications is important for the development of your business.

Customer Support

Customer support requests that your organization receives on a daily basis (e.g., via chat or email) also provide a large number of development ideas and insights from your customers to provide a better customer experience. Aiwo CX identifies the emerging trends in customer support in real time.

Customer Service Calls

Your customer service employees most likely have a good feel about what worries or disturbs your customers. However, it is impossible to form a comprehensive summary of entire organization’s customer calls without the help of artificial intelligence. With the help Aiwo CX, you also follow the discussed themes in the customer calls.

Aiwo CX as a tool for the customer understanding

How can you improve your customer understanding?

By developing your customer understanding, you will gain important information about which things your customers value in your products. Basically, it is the customer who brings money to the company, so the customer’s opinion must remain at the center of the product development.

Guessing the customer experience is risky, as in the eyes of a company, the benefits of a product can be very different from the actual benefits experienced by customers. It is very important for the success of your business that you stay up to date with your customers’ experiences.

The most important step in improving customer understanding is to actively listen to customer feedback and customer communication. It is essential that you don’t get stuck in individual feedback answers, as leveraging the big picture and recurring messages will give you better tools for practical development of your business.

We have developed the Aiwo CX as a data processing tool. The Aiwo CX, based on artificial intelligence, handles massive amounts of data, highlights trends and makes relevant themes visible.

“Thanks to Aiwo CX, we can take all the input from customers and turn that into the valuable data. It is amazing how Aiwo turns something that was earlier considered as a cost factor into something that is actually valuable for us.”

Distortion of customer understanding

When analyzing customer feedback, you may unintentionally distort the outcome. If you are looking for a particular phenomenon, you will also make observations related to it. The observations you make are then likely to get the wrong proportions.

Several known text analytics tools lead to data distortion, because whenever artificial intelligence requires pre-determinations made by its user as a basis for its work, the user also controls the outcome of the analysis.

The Aiwo CX works differently: data-driven artificial intelligence tells us what customers are saying. We are not looking for but highlighting what is already in the data.

Aiwo CX as a tool for the customer understanding
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