Customer feedback is not a necessary evil, but an idea bank guiding the development of your organization

With the help of customer feedback, your organization can develop its operations and also its customer experience. However, processing feedback often requires a lot of resources. What if the concrete key development points of your company could be found easily?
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Collecting customer feedback

How to collect customer feedback the right way? 4 Steps of Customer feedback.


Collect feedback

Customer feedback provides you with practically free business ideas and tips for improving your business. Don't leave feedback uncollected.

Make giving feedback to the customer as easy as possible

The majority of your customers don’t give feedback because they find it cumbersome. Make sure you offer actively the opportunity to leave feedback and keep the feedback survey short.

Analyze feedback continuously

Make sure your feedback system is one that gives you concrete, compressed information about the things you need to address.

Develop your organization’s customer experience based on the feedback

Don’t underestimate your customers’ experience in situations, where your business hasn’t succeeded. You exist for your customers, so develop your services to have the best possible customer experience.
Aiwo CX

How can customer feedback be handled easily in real-time?

Do you have a product or service that has thousands or tens of thousands of users a month? If so, you will definitely get a lot of feedback as well. Aiwo CX makes analyzing your feedback easy.

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The operating principle of Aiwo CX is simple

  1. Customer communication (call, email, chat or feedback form data) is transferred in real time to the Aiwo CX solution for analysis.
  2. From Aiwo’s browser-based interface, you can see what themes are being addressed in your customer communications right now. You can also receive compiled reports from the analysis produced by Aiwo directly in your email. No unnecessary logins!
  3. Lead and grow your business based on the genuine customer experience revealed by Aiwo.

So Aiwo CX gives your company a competitive edge by telling how your customers experience your business and what kind of feedback they are giving right now.

Experience aiwo CX
“Thanks to Aiwo CX, we can take all the input from customers and turn that into the valuable data. It is amazing how Aiwo turns something that was earlier considered as a cost factor into something that is actually valuable for us.”

Customer feedback always includes a message for your business

It is better to get feedback on dissatisfaction as customer feedback than to get the feedback on dissatisfaction as a customer churn.

However, receiving customer feedback can sometimes be frustrating, annoying, and time-consuming. In particular, customer service empoloyees in your organization may occasionally receive angry and inappropriate commenting about your services or products from your customers. You can’t please everyone, but at least you can listen to each of your customer.

Interaction with your customer service representatives and other staff forms a significant part of your customers’ customer experience. So, it is important to understand, what happens in those customer encounters.


A forced expense can be at the heart of your strategy – this is how you utilize feedback you receive

Many organizations feel that processing customer feedback consumes too many resources. Therefore, feedback may not be actively collected, or the collected feedback is not being analyzed in real time.

Gathering feedback with a variety of numerical metrics is easy in modern digital environments. However, NPS or other similar surveys do not tell you about your customers’ experience deeply enough to make sure you know what you need to focus in the future.

Utilizing open-ended questions and customers’ narrative, you will get much more information than with numerical question batteries. Aiwo CX will tell you the recurring themes and rising trends in the open feedback and guides you to concrete development areas. Artificial intelligence makes it easy to find the core message from the long contents.

From Aiwo’s user interface, you can see in a matter of minutes what your thousands of customers are talking about right know. With the help of Aiwo CX, in addition to customer feedback, the analysis of all other saved customer communications is easy to integrate into your company’s daily life.  

Remember that responding to customer feedback reflects the customer orientation of your business.

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