Customer Experience

Customer experience is a widely discussed topic, but developing it is difficult for many companies. Do you know what your customers really think? Do you have the tools to listen to your customers?
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Customer experience

When you listen to your customers and let the customer experience guide your business


You know exactly what needs to be developed in your products or operations

Customer focus should be firmly at the heart of your business. Customer feedback tells you what might be bothering your customers about your products, services, or your business.

You will learn what your customers don’t understand or what you are doing wrong in your marketing.

Your customer service may be loaded with customer contacts on the same subject, but you don’t understand how to prevent the problems. When you understand the customer experience, you also understand how you should communicate with your customers and advertise your products and services.

You make better profit

As the customer experience improves, your customers will become more committed to your business. By providing a better experience, you get more committed customers, and you can sell your products and services at a higher price than others. Customer experience and a strong brand go hand in hand.

You will find additional sales opportunities.

Once you know what your customers want, you can offer it to them. Do they need additional services or products? A true understanding of the customer experience is a competitive advantage for your business.
Aiwo CX

How to track customer experience?

Do your customers contact your organization via email, support requests, and phone, and you want to form a clear understanding of a huge amount of data on how to improve your customer experience?

If you answered yes, then Aiwo CX's data-driven analytics gives you real-time information on what is going on in your customer communications and what your customers want.

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The operating principle of the Aiwo CX is simple:

  1. Customer communication (call, email, chat or feedback form data) is transferred in real time to the Aiwo CX solution for analysis.
  2. From Aiwo’s browser-based interface, you can see what themes are being addressed in your customer communications right now. You can also receive compile reports from the analysis produced by Aiwo directly in your email. No unnecessary logins!
  3. Lead and grow your business based on the genuine customer experience revealed by Aiwo.

So Aiwo CX gives your company a competitive edge by telling in real time how your customers experience your business.

Experience Aiwo CX
“When you go to Aiwo’s user interface you can see straight from the first page what has happened within 15, 30 or 90 days. You can see where you have been, where you are going and why.” 

Towards a more customer centric approach

Your customer’s experience with your business consists of encounters, that means all the points in the customer path where the customer interacts with your business.

The customer path starts when a customer shows interest in your business and ends when the customer is no longer in contact with your business. Thus, there are several encounters between the start and end points of the path. In other words, there are several opportunities to influence the customer experience.

Have you thought about your services from all customer path’s stages’ perspective?

In order to improve your company’s customer experience, you need to understand what happens in customer encounters. More importantly, you need to understand how the encounters feel about your customers and how they perceive your business.

Please also note that the customer experience may vary at different stages of the customer path. Because of product development, your new services, and also the changing global environment, it is important to constantly measure and monitor the customer experience. In particular, it is necessary to react immediately to negative signals from customers.

With the Aiwo CX, you run your business by listening to the voice of the customer and are able to respond to the real needs of the customers.

Aiwo CX as a tool for the customer experience

The customer experience also affects your brand

Several companies continue to focus on brand building primarily through communication. A brand is easily perceived as the company’s own talk about what the company thinks it represents. However, in the eyes of modern customers, just creating a marketing brand without a real value base or actions seems like an unconvincing redeem of the image.

The brand is also influenced by the customer experience. Customers change their perception of your company based on their own subjective and also the experiences they hear from acquaintances. So, if you want to create a good and respected brand, you need to invest in your company’s customer experience.

Aiwo is data-driven, so it honestly tells what the customers are talking about. There are several artificial intelligence solutions on the market that analyze data based on different presuppositions. They don’t find new phenomena emerging from the data, as they were not first taught to the solution. The results of analyzes that are based on presumptions are also often distorted.

Aiwo CX analyzes your customer communications smoothly, even if the addressed issues in the material change on a daily basis. Our solution is based on the genuine voice of the customers, as our artificial intelligence utilizes the data provided to it and identifies recurring themes in the data. In addition, you can view broader themes down to the level of individual feedback, so Aiwo sure gives you a concrete picture of your customers ’wishes.

Aiwo CX as a tool for the customer experience
“It’s easy to say in boardrooms that “In my opinion this is good for the customer”. But when you take the customer comments from Aiwo and you can show what our customers really say, and these are the things that are affecting the customer experience it’s super effective.”
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