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Banking and finance companies are still going through transformation from physical and telephone services to digital channels.  From finance companies’ perspective, customer service on the phone is slow and expensive. At the same time providing the best possible service in the best possible digital channel is challenging. Understanding in what situations your customers call and what issues are addressed in the digital channels gives you an advantage to improve your customer experience.
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The challenges of our customers from banking and finance sector

  • Thousands of customers contact the companies mainly by phone. Understanding the topics and how to move the service to digital channels

  • Impossibility to analyze a huge number of calls.
  • A missing image of a clear understanding of custuomer communications that includes the needs and experiences of the customers.

  • The underlying reasons for the low customer experience scores of digital services are not clear.

  • Recurring themes in the feedback are not identified, so the themes are not utilized as a basis for the development of operations and customer experience.

The benefits of Aiwo CX to the industry

  • Effortless analysis of even a massive customer call data and customer messages from digital channels on a single platform.

  • Secure and unbiased review of customer communications.

  • Identification of the key topics and areas for improvement from the feedback.

  • Improving the customer experience based on the observations.

  • Read our finance sector customer Fennia's benefits of using Aiwo CX
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