Aiwo EX

Your employees are key people in your organization. When you invest in good employee experience, you commit the best factors to your business and also serve your customers the best. Aiwo EX measures your employee experience reliably and in real time.
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Aiwo EX is the key
to understanding your employee experience


Easily analyze the large amounts of text and numerical data you collect through employee surveys.

Employee Orientation

No company-based assumptions about important themes or employees’ needs. Data-driven analysis of open-ended responses brings employees’ real opinions to be heard as often as you like.


Draw conclusions based on recurring themes in employee communication or react even with the accuracy of individual feedback message.


Follow employee pulse and identify changes in employee experience in real time.
“Aiwo EX  provided  us  with a way to understand how what people say  affects us at an organizational level. We were able to understand the language and categorize it into themes and segments. Aiwo EX’s  ability  to indicate the mood of the employees  through free text analysis was something that really surprised me.” 

Aiwo EX – to whom and why?

Aiwo EX is suitable for organizations with more than 1,000 employees who want to

  • Develop their employee experience
  • Engage its employees by listening to them better
  • Map out employees’ needs and desires on a regular basis
  • Analyze multiple pulse survey results per year
  • Follow employees’ feelings and mood during a strategy or organizational change
  • Understand differences in employee experience between different offices, departments or business units

Does your organization see the importance of good employee experience as a strategic competitive factor?

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“Without  Aiwo  we  wouldn’t  be  able  to  analyze  natural  language-based  data sets  that  are  this  large. We  at  the  Cargotec  are  making  decisions  based  on  the  data  we  get  from  Aiwo EX  analysis. For me the benefits of using  Aiwo  System  doesn’t  get  more concrete  than  that.”

Data-driven artificial intelligence

Aiwo EX differs from other AI-based analytics tools on the market in that Aiwo’s artificial intelligence is completely data-driven. It shows your employees ’experiences honestly and as authentic as it is in your employee communications. With the help of Aiwo, you can easily analyze large amounts of open employee feedback.

Let the data speak. Put fact-based conclusions into practice and develop your employee experience based on feedback from your staff. With the help of Aiwo, you also react to the changing emotional state of your employees in real time.

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Aiwo EX is up and running after
3 easy steps


Book a free demo.

We introduce you to Aiwo EX in practice and you can see what kind of things your own employee communications data reveals.


We integrate your data into Aiwo.

For example, you can first pilot with one unit’s employee data and later extend Aiwo EX to the entire organization.


Aiwo EX is ready for use.

No separate IT project or consultants are required for deployment of Aiwo. The browser-based interface is easy to use - just click the program open and see what your employees want to say!

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