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Your products and services are for your customers. Aiwo CX tells, what your customers really want and how you develop your user experience to be the best on the market.
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Aiwo CX is a view for all of 
customer communications.

Ease and speed

Easily process massive amounts of open text or call data with artificial intelligence. Deploy the service quickly without separate IT projects.

Customer orientation

Data-driven artificial intelligence tells you all essential information about what your customers say. The customer's own voice to leverage business development.


Draw conclusions and respond to problems in customer communication based on recurring themes. Guide your business by understanding the changes in the biggest phenomena in the customer experience as well as the root causes of the smaller phenomena. Observe silent signals that affect your business from the key themes and view analysis from high-level observations to individual messages.


Track in real time how the customer experience that is relevant to your business lives and develops. Identify new phenomena that require your attention, follow up the impact of your actions on your customer base, and grow your business by constantly keeping your fingers on the pulse of the customer experience.
“It’s easy to say in boardrooms that “In my opinion this is good for the customer”. But when you take the customer comments from Aiwo and you can show what our customers really say, and these are the things that are affecting the customer experience it’s super effective.”

Aiwo CX – to whom and why?

Business unit managers and leaders

Aiwo CX gives you a tangible competitive advantage by showing what your customers want and what concrete steps you need to take to improve your organization’s customer experience. When you are interested in the feedback and customer experience of a particular unit or business area, you can filter the material in Aiwo CX using the metadata you want. Break down the feedback by location or feedback channel to get an accurate picture of exactly how your unit’s customers experience the service. With Aiwo, you know exactly what you need to focus on.

Product Development and Service Design

In product development, focus on what your customers want the most. With Aiwo CX, you can monitor in real time how your customers react to changes that you make to your products. You speed up the development cycle and make the necessary corrective actions based on the facts that arise from the feedback. With Aiwo, you minimize product development risks because you know you’re heading in the right direction by listening to customers’ messages.

CX Professionals

When your job is to develop your organization’s customer experience, you need a tool that tells you what customers are talking about. With Aiwo CX, you bring the voice of your customers through the entire organization and lead fact-based, customer-driven decision-making. One interface reveals to you the themes in the feedback in real time - you can even enter into themes with the precision of a single customer message.


Customer service resources are unnecessarily wasted on dealing with simple questions from often unaware customers. Aiwo CX tells you what your customers don’t understand and where the problems in marketing are. By instructing customers, you free up customer service resources and place special emphasis on those aspects of your product that are important to your customers.

Customer Service

The role of customer service in shaping the customer experience is significant, as each point of contact with your organization builds a customer image of your products and operations. With the help of Aiwo CX, you find out, for example, what is being discussed in customer calls and where the resources of customer service employees are mostly spent. Take up the time-consuming feedback themes, prevent them and you will save money.

Kuopio university Hospital is in charge of the demanding specialised medical care of nearly a million patients.It is our prioriry to constaly improve the safety and experience of our patients and wellbeing of health care professionals. Before it used to be impossible for our people to analyze the content of all the feedback instantly, with Aiwo CX it's possible to do in a secure and unbiased way."

Data-driven artificial intelligence

The advantage of Aiwo compared to traditional text analysis and artificial intelligence solutions is that the analysis is guided completely by data. It shows the customer experience honestly and as authentic as it is in the feedback and customer communications of your company. Let the real voice of the customer speak without preset assumptions.

Let the data speak. Put fact-based conclusions into practice. Improve your customer experience and your business results. With Aiwo, you respond to the changing needs of your customers in real time.

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Aiwo CX is ready for use.

No separate IT project or consultants are required for deployment of Aiwo. The browser-based interface is easy to use - just click the program open and see what your customers want to say!

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