This is not another Covid-19 article, this is about how to understand the business environment never seen before. We have more information available than ever before and yet we can hardly predict what´s going to happen tomorrow.

When building the business case for decision making we collect all the available financial data to make accurate strategic decisions. In a post Covid world solutions to difficult business problems cannot be found in the described case data alone. This is because the fundaments of the business environment are at constant movement. Current events are going to shape our future for good, so there are no grounds to base our strategic decisions only on historical (mainly numerical) data. It´s time to update the toolset!

Real-Time Qualitative Analytics

Continuous real-time information is needed to support critical corporate decision-making. With the help of Aiwo’s advanced Aizait technology, data can be analyzed quickly and efficiently, providing decision-makers with a constantly updated view of the status of the company and its operating environment.

  • A company with the most accurate and current Situation Picture of its operating environment is the winner in an abnormal business environment
  • Customers’ purchasing behavior and activities will evolve rapidly due to the changes and restrictions imposed by the coronavirus
  • Traditional customer survey results expire before they can even be published. Researchers cannot even frame questions correctly for customers due to the changing operating environment
  • A cost-effective and reliable way to understand vast amounts of qualitative data from selected data sources

It´s all about the data

The Aizait system can utilize the following qualitative data sources for providing operational and strategic situation picture:

  • competitor information
  • market information
  • partner information
  • customer communication
  • media discussion
  • social media
  • reports

Aizait provides real-time qualitative analytics and visualizes changes in the operating environment combining in-house data with external data.

If you’re looking for more insight into this brave new world, please get in touch!