Our customers in the telecommunications sector are the leading product and service providers in their field in the Nordic countries. Both costs and technology have in the past limited the abilities of large telecom operators to analyze customer data efficiently.
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The challenges of our customers in the telecommunications sector

  • Tens of thousands, even millions of customers, which means thousands of customer calls, emails and chat messages every day.

  • Impossibility of analyzing the huge amount of customer communications.

  • Recurring themes in the feedback are not identified, so the themes are not utilized as a basis for business and customer experience development.

Aiwo CX

The benefits of Aiwo CX to the industry

  • Real-time and effortless analysis of all customer contacts on one platform.

  • Identification of key topics and business development targets from customer discussions.

  • Improving the customer experience based on the feedback.

  • Development of sales communications on the basis of emerging observations from customer communications.

Aiwo cx
“It’s easy to say in boardrooms that “In my opinion this is good for the customer”. But when you take the customer comments from Aiwo and you can show what our customers
really say, and these are the things that are affecting the customer experience it’s super effective.”
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