Aiwo Digital and Inscripta Announce Partnership

Finnish AI startups introducing a new world of real-time content analytics of customer calls Inscripta and Aiwo Digital are happy to announce they have entered into a technology partnership, combining Inscripta´s cutting edge speech-to-text technology with Aiwo Digital´s world-class omnichannel qualitative content analysis. The goal of this partnership is to help organizations to enter the […]

When The Black Swan Landed – Real-Time Situation Picture In Abnormal Business Environment

This is not another Covid-19 article, this is about how to understand the business environment never seen before. We have more information available than ever before and yet we can hardly predict what´s going to happen tomorrow. When building the business case for decision making we collect all the available financial data to make accurate […]

Power of Real-Time Qualitative Analytics, Aate Autio Interviewed

The innovation of real-time qualitative analytics was born in the fertile grounds of diversity. Aiwo´s team is build of data scientists, AI & IT architects, experienced entrepreneurs and qualitative research specialists like our brilliant anthropologist Aate Autio. Everyone talks about the corona. But didn’t talk until a couple of weeks ago. Aate was interviewed by Finnish […]