Aiwo Recognized Widely in Finnish Media

March 10, 2020
Jani Jokela

At Aiwo, we are dedicated to creating top-tier real-time qualitative analytics for our clients. We are creating a brand new category of real-time qualitative analytics. Our unique innovation is recognized by Finnish mainstream media and here are some recent examples.

Why we´re getting recognized

Aiwo´s omnichannel Aizait service is guiding the world of analytics into the new era. The traditional setting of quantitative data vs. qualitative data is now gone. Aizait service is moving beyond this setup.

Not just traditional text mining

In this article by Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle, you can find experiences of global customer centricity manager Sakari Forslund from Fortum. Fortum is the biggest energy company in the Nordics.

  • With traditional text mining methods you need to pre-define words and themes you are interested in
  • Instead of this biased approach to data, Aiwo´s Aizait service is creating an unbiased and comprehensive understanding of all customer communications in real-time
  • This is possible because of data-based qualitative analytics powered by AI
Not just sentiment analysis

The sentiment is the feeling of the specific text or piece of information. The sentiment of the unstructured data is useful to have and it´s a standard feature to all of our clients. But alone it doesn´t give answers to the fundamental question of why something is good or bad.

Here´s another Yle news about our co-operation with the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Below you can find clear benefits of real-time qualitative analytics, instead of using sentiment analysis alone.

  • Analytics based on simultaneous multiple digital data sources, leading to more accurate insights into public sentiment and themes discussed
  • Speed of analysis and thus feedback (days not weeks)
  • Real-time analysis, ideal if there are major rapid changes in sentiment and themes
  • Aizait’s AI capability is able to deal with multiple themes, sub-themes and identify/refine the analysis of public concerns with great specificity
  • Search function gives the ability to drill down into the data based on the user’s role
Not another IT-project

Helsingin Sanomat wrote about Aiwo´s co-operation with the Finnish Intergovernmental Task Force, which fights against the coronavirus. In the moment of crisis onboarding of Aizait service was done in days instead of months. Same way as we operate every day with our clients. Key benefits of real-time qualitative analytics in the threat of COVID-19 pandemic:

  • The Task Force is able to monitor key areas of public concern
  • Understand arising new trends and themes in public discussion
  • Monitor online discussions globally and locally
  • Adapt their pandemic response plan in key areas
  • Tools to fight so-called infodemic or misinformation around COVID-19


All articles behind the links are in Finnish. Please use online translation services.