Failure Demand uncovers ineffiency in service 

Most service companies struggle with increased costs, ineffective service and capacity overload.

Here’s how Aiwo analytics can help you tackle these three business challenges simultaneously!
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Identify Failure Demand with Aiwo analytics
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Reduce Failure Demand to increase efficency

Reducing Failure Demand is the key to business success

Failure to serve the customer will cause the customer to return with additional requirements. As a result the customer is dissatisfied, the organisation is overwhelmed, employees get tired and costs go up. This phenomenon is called 'Failure Demand'.

Aiwo's AI-based platform offers a unique and an easy way to create and analyse a real-time situational picture of

  • the volume of failure demand in your customer communications
  • the cost of failure demand for your organisation
  • the root causes for failure demand in your organisation

Reducing Failure Demand results in

  • Better quality and availability of your service
  • Improved customer and employee experience
  • Cost savings related to customer service operations

The volume of failure demand in different sectors:

  • Finance: 40-60% of all customer contacts
  • Telecom: 70-90% of all customer contacts
  • Public health care: up to 80% of all customer contacts

(Based on extensive international research)

The benefits of Aiwo's Failure Demand solution

  • Quickly analyse and thematise a large volume of interaction data 
  • Generate insights of the root causes of Failure Demand
  • Generate insights of what creates value for customers (Value Demand)
  • Prioritise and target development efforts correctly based on data
Identify the root cause for Failure Demand

How to get started?

  • No additional development or IT project
  • Use existing chat and call data
  • Deployment can be done within a week
  • Gain business benefits and insights from the analysis immediately


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