Aiwo Aizait

Aizait real-time qualitative analytics combines the latest AI technologies and processes of qualitative research. The unique Aizait service is the first analytics service that does not require a separate deployment project or separate vocabulary training when the data to be analyzed is brought to the service.

Aizait enables you to understand people and the narratives they produce in real-time from a large amount of qualitative data – what, how and why are people communicating. With Aizait, you can understand phenomena, trends, changes, and see how different themes and topics relate to each other. Aizait’s real-time natural language analysis provides the tools to develop products, services and experiences of your customers and employees – understand and react to changes within and outside of your organization. Conduct continuous market research and develop your marketing communication using up-to-date data.

Have your existing big data integrated into Aizait to create a more holistic customer, employee or media understanding. Turn all your communication external and internal sources to leading with knowledge.

Aizait CX

Complete visibility into all customer experience in real-time. Take advantage of all customer communications from all open-ended data sources and phone call recordings. Harness all of your data sources to provide deeper customer insight with qualitative analytics.

Aizait CX for Customer Service

Typical customer service data sources include phone calls, chat messages, emails, web site feedback, etc. All data sources can be analyzed simultaneously in full real-time to provide an accurate and reliable view of customer service day-to-day operations. Have your customer service always up to date on the latest trends, topics and problems your customers are facing. Coach and develop your customer service agents in real-time with the latest information available.

Customer support is contacted daily from a variety of sources. The amount of information can be enormous and no one can get an overall picture of why customers are in contact with customer service. Typically, customer service contacts are related to problems with products or services. Contacting customer service always costs money and causes extra work. Qualitative analytics can identify and visualize the root causes of customer service contacts.

The Aizait service can take advantage of the various customer service communications and messages from all channels. Aizait can provide real-time observations of phenomena and trends, as well as measures needed to develop services and products.

Aizait CX for Sales and Marketing

Align sales in real-time to match market trends. Gain an understanding of what the key drivers behind your customers’ decision making are. Understand what kind of language they are using. Embrace customer experience and understanding as an integral value for your sales team.

Gain information on how customers are talking about your brand. Use this insight to influence the narrative with marketing. Follow in real-time how customers are responding to your marketing and how effective it is. Continuous market research in selected areas and you´ll get the answers immediately.

Aizait CX for Product and Service Development and Market Research

Gain insight from the natural language of your customers. How are people experiencing your products and services? What is working? What isn’t resonating? What needs to be developed further? Provide your research and development teams with up to date data and a tool to measure the effectiveness of changes in real-time.


Aizait for HR

Activate employees with an open and real-time feedback channel. Gain a complete picture of the everyday life of your organization, with its ups and downs. Information can be gathered fast and easily even in scattered organizations. Analyze and structure this data based on your needs and measure changes that are done in the organization in real-time.

Employee satisfaction can be monitored constantly and the results are available in real-time. Gain more profound knowledge about what your employees are communicating in relation to their general satisfaction level. React to rising negative discourses before they become prevalent in your organization.

Employee feedback, observations, ideas and insights will reach management in real-time. Does the company strategy reach all levels of the organization? Does the management know-how to communicate and meet the needs of employees?

Detailed information for personnel training e.g. from customer communication:  How to communicate with customers and what kind of language should be used. Identify whether the customer understands the message that is being communicated or not. Optimize recruiting to the actual needs of the organization.

Employee satisfaction describes the level of happiness workers experience. Employee satisfaction is an important element within the business because it directly relates to the productivity of employees. Workers who experience high employee satisfaction are generally more productive than unsatisfied workers. Aizait provides comprehensive employee satisfaction and engagement knowledge.

Aiwo Aizait for Qualitative Analytics

Aiwo Aizait’s artificial intelligence-based qualitative analytics can overlook the traditional bottlenecks in qualitative research. A large number of long documents can be analyzed instantly by Aizait and produce extremely accurate analytics on document themes, sub-themes, discourses, sentiment, trends, phenomena and subject matter.